Rang De Neela

Management of chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia is extremely essential to build a metabolically healthy India. The first step is to create awareness in the masses; after all, when medical literacy of the Nation improves, we'll be able to craft the Nation's health once again!
Dr. Rajiv Kovil
Head of Diabetology, Zandra Healthcare Private Limited

We're Doing it Differently!

To inspire the Nation, Senior Metabolic Physicians have turned in to HealthCrafters and Blue Angels. And Artists have turned in to Heartists.

We're making use of Art, Music and Storytelling to:

It's a Mass Movement & these numbers testify!

minutes of Education
Minutes of Education
4800 +
Videos and Text Content
I wish good luck to all my colleagues who are traveling across the country to understand local health concerns and to promote health awareness in varied cultural setting. Let's Rang De Neela; let's pledge to craft the Nation's health once again!
Dr. V. Mohan
Chairman and Chief of Diabetology at Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre

Health & Visual Art

WHO Regional Office for Europe has recommended the use of artistic media in healthcare for awareness creation and positive health outcomes.

HealthCrafters are Visiting Rural Belts, meeting Artists & Artisans to:

Actress Sonali-Bendre
This is a rather unique social initiative that touched my soul. As a performing artist, I've always felt strongly for my peers in the performing and visual art categories. Further, the pandemic and my personal experiences help me appreciate the importance of health and health literacy in the society. Wishing Rang De Neela success in Crafting the Nation's Health.
Ms. Sonali Bendre

Health & Storytelling

WHO Regional Office for Europe suggests that music and storytelling can help us to emotionally and physically navigate the journey of battling an illness or disease.

Blue Angels are making use of Poetic & Musical Narratives: