Brand Elements

Why the Title - Rang De Neela?

Rang De Neela is an amalgamation of Art and Health. "Rang De" (read as: Paint the Nation) represents art and "Neela" (read as: with Blue Color) stands for good health. The initiative aims to Craft the Nation's Health once Agian!


I am a sight so difficult to see,
Hold my beauty in your eyes, for I may flee.

An embodiment of beauty and grace,
My poise leaves everybody in a daze.

‘The Eyes of God’ are said to adorn my plumage,
Imbuing many artists, richening their heritage.

A style that can be captured by only a few,
My strutting gait thus gives me my due.

Why a Peacock as the Symbol?

The peacock - our country’s national bird, is an epitome of grace, majesty and beauty. This extravagant and magnanimous bird with an iridescent blue neck and bright green tail feathers (dotted with eyespots) is known for its dramatic abilities; it is noisy in conflicts and apologetic under stress; its appeal to humans is highly evident in the example of art imbued by them. After all, for centuries the peacock has served as a muse to poets, emperors, patrons and warriors on account of their beauty and eye-catching personality.

Peacocks transcend across political and religious spectrums, and are said to be representatives of guardians and symbolise compassion, kindness, benevolence and knowledge. The spots on its tail are famously referred to as ‘Eyes of God’ and are believed to protect us from the evil and bestow us with eternal happiness.

So it isn’t a wonder that fifteen of our artists from across the country chose to create a peacock, to capture its beauty, versatility and power in their own art style. These art pieces not only showcase the artists’ hard work but also their legacy and their heritage in the most spectacular and breathtaking form.

Why a Blue Tilak on the Forehead?

After conducting a health awareness session, our Healthcrafters apply a Blue Tilak on the Artists' forehead to felicitate them as Heartists (the ones who pledge to take care of their health and act as good metabolic health advocates). The point on the forehead between the brows has immense power and piety as this is the point where the Ajna Chakra rests, which is the point of confluence of the three main nadis — ida, pingala and shusumna. the dwelling place of our mind and consciousness is out here and our entire body is controlled by this pivotol spot. Although the application of a tilak by itself cannot bring the mind to a tranquil state, it is a point of focus from where you can tap the incredible powers of the Ajna chakra.