Meet Our Blue Angels

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Blue Angel - Nutrition

Dr. Alka Gandhi, Blue Angel – Nutrition, is a practising diabetologist based in Borivali, Mumbai. She believes in holistic diabetes care and hence finds that nourishment is not only the foundation of a healthy mind but also a healthy body.

Nourishment is not about just the kind of food that we consume, but it is also about how healthy you keep your body. And if you are able to nourish your body well, consider your soul to be happy too.

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Blue Angel - Build

Dr. Alpana Sowani, Blue Angel – Build, a practising diabetologist in Mumbai specialises in Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, GDM and Diabetic Foot Care. She affirms that exercising is not imperative just for the body, but also for the soul.

Building a happy and a better tomorrow is possible when you build a healthy today and that begins with your very existence, the very organ that renders beats – our heart! So let’s keep it free from sorrow and stress!

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Blue Angel - Care

Dr. Ami Sanghavi, Blue Angel – Care, is a Mumbai-based Diabetologist who excels in providing treatment for Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, GDM and Foot Care. She finds contentment in caring for her patients and seeing them healthy and happy.

Rewards should not always be tangible, but they can be as simple as providing utmost “Care” for your patients, treating them with empathy and imbibing values. After all, management of diabetes is a journey that isn’t easy.

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Blue Angel - Power

Dr. Dakshata Padhye, Blue Angel – Power, is a practising diabetologist based in Borivali, Mumbai. Aggressively involved in numerous public health initiatives, she holds a strong belief that each and every person has the “Power” to Live well with Diabetes.

While facing any health condition the ‘Power’ to overcome it is solely governed by the principles via which an individual lives, the kind of lifestyle he/she adheres to and most importantly, the will to get through all of it!

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Blue Angel - Empathy

Dr. Indumathy Kuberan, Blue Angel – Empathy, is a practising diabetologist based in Borivali, Mumbai. She strongly advocates no two people living with diabetes deserve the same treatment, she believes diabetes care should be a personalized approach.

Empathy is all about a psychological hug that each one of us needs. By expressing empathy towards patients we can facilitate better diagnosis since it can aid them in opening up emotionally, thereby helping build trust and calming their anxieties.

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Blue Angel - Courage

Dr. Lotika Purohit, Blue Angel – Courage, is a practising endocrinologist in Mumbai. She exclaims that the favourite part of her being a doctor is the opportunity to improve the wellbeing of her patients and connect with them personally and professionally.

Courage is not about the battles you fight, it is all but about the will and strength to participate in one. Those who succeed are the ones who do not really look back, but struggle with all their might!

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Blue Angel - Possibilities

Dr. Mayura Kale, Blue Angel – Possibilities, is a diabetologist based in Aurangabad. She acknowledges that diabetes is a condition where patients encounter various peaks and shallows and hence keeping our vision open to new possibilities of treatment approaches is vital.

Just like how the roots of the tree seap through the ground and find its way to grow; similarly diabetes gives rise to several possibilities of treatment. And I believe that we as clinicians should be vigilant about the same.

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Blue Angel - Faith

Dr. Ragini Maheshwari, Blue Angel – Faith, is a practising diabetologist based in Mumbai. She holds profound interest in Type I and 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes and Footcare. She intends to transform the lives of Diabetics by providing quality healthcare.

People with Diabetes find it hard to tread their journey and hence should have faith in themselves to overcome it. Faith acts as that ray of sun that can propel them to deal with it, one step at a time!

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Blue Angel - Sensitivity

Dr. Reshma Ghoderao, Blue Angel – Sensitivity, is a practising diabetologist based in Nashik. Holding a profound interest in spreading diabetes awareness, she has been sensitizing the general public about diabetes via various campaigns through the use of social media.

There is little awareness of complications among patients living with diabetes and it is important to sensitize them about the same as it helps in managing the condition better and that begins with providing them adequate knowledge about diabetes care.

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Blue Angel - Positivity

Dr. Rukiya Shaikh, Blue Angel – Positivity, is a practising diabetologist based in Mumbai. She believes that a positive attitude paves roads towards a better and a brighter tomorrow, and she strives to instill these values in her patients too.

A positive attitude paves the way towards a healthy and better tomorrow!”
Positive attitude can’t be embedded in any individual without making them aware of the power that this attitude holds, and I wish to spread this awareness among everyone!

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Blue Angel - Inspiration

Dr. Seema Bagri, Blue Angel – Inspire, is a practising diabetologist, based in Thane, Mumbai. Her sense of gratification lies in working to improve her patients’ well-being. She finds patients’ smiling faces as an inspiration for her to do better.

Patients often experience an emotional turmoil, and aiding them in finding their source of inpsiration is imperative. Inspiration catapults a person from the state of passivity to probability thereby metamorphosing the way they can comprehend their proficiency to overcome anything!

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Blue Angel - Compassion

Dr. Shalini Jaggi, Blue Angel – Compassion is a practising diabetologist based in Delhi. She believes in treating diabetes holistically. Not only is she an influential speaker, but has contributed several articles for the electronic media and conducted various camps.

Diabetes is a long-term health condition where a patient goes through several complications. Not only providing adequate treatment but also stepping into their shoes and observing the world through their eyes is essential, because ‘Compassion’ makes a huge difference!

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Blue Angel - Motivation

Dr. Shefali Karkhanis, Blue Angel – Motivation, is a practising diabetologist in Thane, Mumbai. She holds a work proficiency of several years. She finds motivation – an inner feeling, a stir of emotion, something that too needs fuel to be driven.

Motivation is that kid, which needs a little love, a stir in the right direction and there it is; propelled in the desired destination! Patients often lack direction; hence diabetes management needs not only an internal push but an external one too!

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Blue Angel - Hope

Dr. Sonali Patange, Blue Angel – Hope, is a Mumbai-based Diabetologist. Conferring a personal touch, she is dedicated to providing highest quality health care in a calm environment where she treats her patients as if they are her own family.

Relationships are built on foundations of emotional support; and communication helps in opening up emotionally. Patients with diabetes feel overwhelmed with feelings of fear so it is necessary to imbibe in them the ‘Hope’ that they are stronger than diabetes!

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Blue Angel - Determination

Dr. Subhashree Patil, Blue Angel – Determination, is a diabetologist based in Mumbai who is committed to serve the society with an intention of prevention and management of diabetes with the motto of “Live well and Live long with diabetes.”

Determination is all about doing things without an external push; it is but a desire to design a life and opportunities that come across which you intend to fulfill. It begins with you and it has to be awakened each day!