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Painted a Paper Mache Peacock

Dr. Abdul Hamid Zargar is a practising Endocrinologist in Srinagar. He is a wonderful administrator, a keen researcher, and an active member of various prominent diabetes associations. Dr. Zargar explored the unique art of paper mache with Mr. Makbool Jan in Srinagar.

Mr. Maqbool has won state awards for his alluring art of “Paper Mache”. His final product is an artefact from paradise itself. Mr. Maqbool’s innovative skills help him bring creative uniqueness to his art. He believes in empowering young people to earn a living by training them in this craft.

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Painted a Contemporary Peacock

Dr. Anil Bhansali is an Indian academic from Chandigarh. He is an Endocrinologist, and his research areas include endocrinology, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Artist Bheem Malhotra met Dr. Bhansali to add his touch of creativity to his day in Chandigarh.

It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Malhotra, a selfless human and the honorary chairman of the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi. His dedication to painting has resulted in a long list of accomplishments, including several exhibitions at the state, national, and international levels, as well as numerous awards and honors.

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Painted a Peacock using Mysore Art style

Dr. Aravind R. Sosale is an Endocrinologist and founder of Karnataka’s Diacon Hospital, which holds Karnataka’s largest diabetic registry. Originally, Karnataka was known as “The State of Mysore”. Dr. Sosale spent a day with Mysore painting artist, Ms. Chandrika.

Ms. Chandrika is carrying forward the art of her ancestors. Her father was also a renowned Mysore style artist. She started practising the art form at a very young age and got abundant appreciation from the government of Mysore in terms of awards and work opportunities. Was wonderful spending the day with her!

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Painted an India Representation Peacock

Dr. Ashok Kumar Das is a Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist. He values teaching and  has taught undergraduate students and postgraduate students persuing medicine for more than 33 years. Dr. Das visited Artist Ms. Mitul Pradeep’s workshop to paint an India representation peacock.

It was also a day of new learning for me. I hope to spread this message of art and health to everyone I meet in the future. It was fascinating to observe the national bird in such a distinctive manner. Ms. Mitul Pradeep ji is a gifted artist and am glad to have met her on this amazing platform, Rang De Neela.

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Painted a Patua Art style Peacock

Dr. Awadhesh Kumar Singh, an endocrinologist by profession, practices in Kolkata. He currently holds distinguished positions in a number of prestigious medical associations. A Patau painting artist, Mr. Laltu accompanied Dr. A. K. Singh on his journey of art in Kolkata.

Mr. Laltu’s consistent practice of Patau painting since childhood speaks through his work. I would like to appreciate him for his determination to carry on his ancestors’ legacy. His commitment to art has led to the inclusion of his work in several famous exhibitions and museums all around the world.

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Painted a Peacock in Pata-ni-Pachedi style

Dr. Banshi Saboo is a prominent Diabetologist in Ahmedabad. He is committed to raising diabetes awareness in India by providing education. Together with the Artist, Mr. Jagdish Chitara, Dr. Saboo displayed the Gujarati art style “Mata ni Pachedi” at Ahmedabad.

The books that have been written about this art have illustrations by Mr. Jagdish. One of the books is kept in London’s esteemed Victoria & Albert Museum. The “Mata Ni Pachedi” artists felt honoured by this acknowledgment. Learning about this art form’s genesis was a pleasant experience. Thank you, Mr. Jagdish.

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Painted a Peacock in the Tanjore Art style

Dr. B. M. Makkar is a senior Diabetologist and Obesity Specialist in Delhi. He is a founder member of the Delhi Diabetic Forum. Dr. Makkar set out on this artistic journey with Mr. Mahesh Vaishnav, an artist famous for Tanjore paintings.

Mr. Mahesh aspires to contribute to improving society, his community, and the country. I could see it in his work because it features beautiful depictions of our ancient heritage, tradition, and culture. He subscribes to an idea of continuous learning that makes his paintings stand out when compared to others.

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Painted an India Representation Peacock

Dr. Hemant P. Thacker, a specialist in cardio-metabolic problems, practises medicine in Mumbai. His therapy philosophies are informed by his three decades of experience. Dr. Thacker visited Artist Ms. Mitul Pradeep’s workshop to paint an India representation peacock.

It was a pleasure to be a part of such an initiative, and the painting is a masterpiece by Ms. Mitul. Moreover the depiction of Integrated India within the National bird is unique. Numerous indigenous arts flourish in our nation, and we, as Indian citizens, must value and nurture them.

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Painted a Peacock in Kerala Mural Art style

Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev is a well known Diabetologist and researcher based in Kerala. He was confered with many prestigious awards for his distinguished services to the Nation. Dr. Jothydev found companionship of Prince Thonnakkal, a renowned mural artist in God’s own country, Kerala.

Mr. Prince is responsible for the continuation of Mural Art in Kerala, which is a very distinctive and classical form that is unrivalled and unique compared to other forms of Mural Art in the world. He combined modern style with traditional art form for a masterpiece.

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Crafted a Block Print Stole

Dr. Manash P. Baruah is a Consultant Endocrinologist in Guwahati. For his contributions to scholarly research, Dr. Baruah has received the coveted honour. Mr. Sarfaraz Khatri, a Mumbai-based hand block painting artist, accompanied Dr. Baruah for a day in Mumbai.

Mr. Sarfraz Khatri is a man of principles. He has taken the art of hand block printing in a completely new direction. They still use natural dyes and conventional techniques, but they solely work on original current designs. On silk, their preferred cloth, the designs have an incredible vibrancy and life.

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Painted a Peacock in Madhubani Art style

Dr. Nitin Kapoor is a Professor of Endocrinology at CMC, Vellore and has done his PhD in clinical and genetic indicators of obesity from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has over 200 PubMed indexed publications and several national and international awards to his credit. Dr. Kapoor had a phenomenal day dedicated to Madhubani painting along with Artist, Deepak Kumar Bharti.

Mr. Deepak has a huge amount of love and passion for his work. It was a privilege to meet this modest and vibrant individual, whose exquisite paintings are renowned throughout Asia. 

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Crafted a Leather Puppet Peacock

Dr. K. M. Prasanna Kumar is a senior Endocrinologist, a professor, a prominent award-winning professional, and the CEO of Bangalore Diabetes Hospital. Dr. Prasanna Kumar’s journey with art started in Andhra Pradesh with Mr. Shinde Sriramulu, a renowned leather puppet artist.

Artisans who adapt to changing times manage to thrive rather than just survive with their work. My companion for today, Mr. Sriramulu, is efficiently practising his art while adding a touch of modernism to create a masterpiece. His work has also been recognised nationally. Grateful for such a delightful experience.

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Painted an India Representation Peacock

Dr. Rajesh Rajput is a practising endocrinologist and an ardent researcher. He has given lectures at national conferences and published a number of articles in regional and international journals. Dr. Rajput visited Artist Ms. Mitul Pradeep’s workshop to paint an India representation peacock.

It was an opportunity for me to discover my passion for art and to explore my inherent artistic abilities. This initiative aims to preserve our cultural heritage and also make people aware of the need to preserve their health.

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Crafted a Blue Pottery Peacock

Dr. S. K. Sharma is a renowned Endocrinologist and the founder of the Diabetes Welfare Society in Jaipur. He conduct many researches and patient education programmes. A blue pottery artist, Mr. Lohit Kumar accompanied Dr. Sharma for a day in Jaipur.

Mr. Kumar was responsible for adorning my day with blue in this pink city. He is a man whose love for his art is infectious. I started to admire this art and fell in love with it because of him. Thank you for making this an unforgettable experience. Bless you.

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Painted a Peacock in Warli Art style

Dr. Shashank R. Joshi is an Indian Endocrinologist and medical researcher, considered by many as one of the most prominent practitioners in India. Dr. Joshi had spent his day in Palghar with Mr. Ramesh Hengadi, a warli painting artist.

I got to hear so many untold tale of Warli Art by Mr. Hengadi. He funds his education with the help of this art. I am in admiration of the fact that he believes his education is helping him to take this art of tribal community forward in modern ways.

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Painted a Peacock in Palm Leaf Etching style

Dr. Sujoy Ghosh is a prominent Endocrinologist in West Bengal. He is also recognised as the “Father of modern Metabolomics”. Mr. Narayan Das, a palm leaf etching artist, met Dr. Ghosh in Bhubhaneshwar to accompany him for a memorable day.

I developed a strong bond with this traditional craft as Mr. Das had shared interesting anecdotes about it. The Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Vedas, the Upanishads, and other mythical tales were all written on palm leaves. Through various workshops, Mr. Das enjoys spreading awareness and the uniqueness of his art.

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Crafted a Sholapith Art Peacock

Dr. A. G. Unnikrishnan is an Endocrinologist and CEO at Chellaram Diabetes Institute. He has been honoured with prestigious awards for his contribution to Diabetes in India. Dr. Unnikrishnan has performed Sholapith with the artist Mr. Arup Malakar in Pune.

I was awestruck to witness Mr. Malakar transforming a stem into an aesthetic work of art. His final product manifested the outcome of constant effort and hard work. It was a pleasure to come across an art that traces back to divine origins through an expert himself. Lots of love.

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Crafted a Terracotta Art style

Dr. Usha Ayyagari is a Senior Consultant Endocrinologist in Chennai. She has worked as the medical lead for MDT Bariatric (weight management) services in the United Kingdom. Mr. V. K. Manusamy performed the traditional art of terracotta with Dr. Ayyagari.

The moulding of clay symbolises reincarnation. This art certainly motivates to craft our health once again. During the workshop, I learnt that Mr. Manusamy is the 21st generation artist, and he has trained over 800 individuals to practise this art. It was an honour to meet him.